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Our Story

Our company's roots date back to 2004. Founders Nick Edelman and Butch Palmer started Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. with a vision to reduce our customer's stress and expenses maintaining their building's HVAC equipment. Northeast has grown to include plumbing, electrical, and smart building control services in order to service our customers' needs. Throughout the years of growth at Northeast, one thing has stayed consistent - our honest reliable work

The Vision Continues

The Story of Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. continues following the joyful retirement of our founders. Our organization was not left without strong leadership. Greg Blackman and Brett Pascone had the privilege of taking the reins following the retirement of Nick and Butch. Greg joined the company in 2004 working closely with Nick and Butch for many years through a vast array of positions. Greg has been able to use his experiences as Field Supervisor, Project Manager, General Manager, and finally as the company's President to continue to uphold the standards that Northeast was founded on.


Brett was brought on as a technician to service our HVAC customers in 2011. Over the years he grew to become a leader in the field and one of our most relied upon technicians. Through a strong working relationship with our clients, he learned many were having difficulty managing the HVAC side and Building Controls portions of their buildings. Customers were often faced with a back and forth between multiple vendors that complicated the repair. With his HVAC experience and technology focused career, Brett sought to learn building automation controls and thus our controls division was born. Today, the dedicated controls division continues to grow servicing our HVAC customers. 


Elmer worked with Nick and Butch on many projects as an electrician. His experience and customer driven attitude aligned seamlessly with the goal of Northeast Services, kicking off a partnership that transcends industry standards. Northeast Electrical Services LLC was founded in 2006. Elmer’s intricate craftsmanship of Northeast Electrical Services LLC has produced a highly trained, highly driven fleet of electricians that pride themselves on the ability to meet all of your building’s electrical needs. The dedication and commitment of the men and women at Northeast Electrical Services has propelled them to one of the leading Electrical Contractors in New Jersey.    

Northeast Plumbing Services LLC has been passed down from father to son as Nick Edelman IV took the reigns of the company in 2012. Nick started his career in the industry working at a young age. With his many years of real world experience he is spearheading the company to new heights. 

Our Team

We are proud of the people that make up our management team. We are continuing to grow and have committed to lead each other to be the best in the industry. 

Greg Blackman President Northeast Mech.HEIC

Greg Blackman

Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. 



Brett Pascone

Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. 

Vice President


Elmer Wolf

Northeast Electrical Services LLC. 


Nick Jr..jpg

Nick Edelman Jr. 

Northeast Plumbing Services LLC. 


Joel Thornton General manager Northeast Mech.HEIC

Joel Thornton

Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. 

General Manager


Anthony Trongone

Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. 

Service Manager


Jim Warwick

Northeast Mechanical Services Inc. 

Asst. Service Manager / Contract Administrator


Adam Baldwin

Northeast Electrical Services LLC. 

General Manager


John Amato 

Northeast Electrical Services LLC. 

Service Manager

Careful & Quality Work 

An investment in our employees is an investment in our customers. That's why we actively send our team members to numerous training seminars and conferences to stay up to date in the forever-changing markets of  HVAC, electrical and plumbing. Our team upholds our core values: integrity, passion, reliability, teamwork, safety first, and honesty.


Why Choose Northeast?

Comprehensive Solutions

We are a full-service company that is unique equipped to handle all your interior maintenance needs. We have established a strong reputation for dependable response times, reliable service, and outstanding customer service.

24/7 Service

We're available around the clock! Whether your cooling system stops working or you need immediate plumbing work, Northeast Services are there for you 24/7!

Expert Technicians

We have trained technicians with over 30 years of field experience. Our younger generations of technicians are learning from the best as we continue to evolve and grow as a company.

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