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Building Controls

Commercial & Industrial Building Controls

Increasing energy and operating expenses are driving the demand by building owners to get costs under control. You can't fix problems, you are not aware of. 

Smart Building Controls provide valuable insight into the high energy consumers of your building. Our customers are quickly adopting this technology to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging business environment.

How Our Services Can Help You

  • Is your equipment running when it should be off? 

  • Is the server room unit not cooling properly for the past few days unnoticed, now you need emergency service to prevent failure of your critical system? 

  • Is the equipment in your building running heating and cooling simultaneously, increasing your energy bill and causing wear and tear on your equipment?

When a Building Management System is installed in your building, these questions can be answered in a few minutes. 

Already have a Building Management System? Are you “locked” in with a proprietary vendor that is not meeting your expectations? Using the Niagara N4 framework our team has successfully integrated many proprietary systems. Integration is the first in a phased approach to giving building owners and operators the freedom over their system. 

Benefits of a Building Management System

  • Save time by troubleshooting HVAC complaints remotely

    • Prevent unnecessary service calls and costs.​

  • Shut equipment down when the building is unoccupied​

    • Extend equipment life by reducing wear and tear​

    • Save energy 

  • Expertly Trained Support​

    • Provide a safety net to your facilities staff. Our technicians are ready to help when you need us. ​

Pride in our work is a core attribute of our technicians.

Our team leaves the job better than they found it.




Our Capabilities

We have partnered with these leading brands. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to provide the best service and reliability.


Energy Savings

Our Controls Division has designed, installed and maintained smart building controls systems for commercial and industrial facilities, utilizing Honeywell controllers and peripheral devices. Our team can with accuracy, control the temperature, humidity, time programming, and energy consumption of systems to provide our clients a return on their investment through decreased energy bills.

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