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Maintenance Plans

How Do Our Maintenance Plans Support You?

In today’s commercial buildings reliable equipment is essential. Occupants are requiring safe and comfortable indoor spaces. Northeast Services provides comprehensive maintenance programs to leave you feeling satisfied

Streamlined Scheduling

We handle the scheduling and tasking based on the time of the year to properly maintain your equipment.


Extended Operating Life

Lack of maintenance will cause excessive wear of components, longer run time, higher energy use, and damage to your system. Equipment that is properly maintained runs more efficiently and inside of the manufacturer's design conditions. 

Priority Support

Maintenance customers are prioritized with emergency service calls. We will respond to you first, getting your systems back online quickly!


Relationships you can trust

Our technicians will get to know your building and clients. Having a familiar face and a technician that is familiar with your unique building and way of operating allows for streamlined decision making. 


Preferred Pricing

We offer reduced pricing for contract customers for parts and labor. Additionally your pricing is guaranteed for the contract term. We will not raise labor rates during renewal periods without notifying you.

Maintenance Visits

Our technicians will provide proactive solutions in order to prevent any damage to your system as well as solve any existing problems. A typical maintenance visit may include changing filters, checking pressures, and making any necessary equipment adjustments depending on your individual system and facility. 

Northeast technicians are trained to quickly identify problems should they occur. This way, our technicians can give their expert opinion on whether to repair your existing system or a replacement would work better based on the needs of your facility. 

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