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HVAC maintenance is one of the most important ways to save both money and energy. Maintenance visits should occur twice a year and will reduce your energy costs. By keeping up with your system’s needs, you will be preventing costly repairs as well as allowing a more streamlined system overall. 


It is also just as important to be familiar with what goes into a maintenance visit. Generally, during a maintenance visit it is the technicians job to make sure all equipment is running smoothly. Technicians will run through performance cycles as well as thoroughly inspect operations of each working piece of equipment. Some more specific activities of a maintenance visit include: 

  • Cleaning the unit

  • Changing belt grease

  • Check electrical connections

  • Change belts

  • Monitor fan/blower operations

  • Condenser/evaporator coil cleaning 

  • Inspecting thermostat functionality 

  • Duct inspection and cleaning


Maintenance visits not only save you energy, but also saves your system from serious damage. By allowing a system to run with dirty equipment, it can deteriorate further and only end up costing more money for repairs. A system filled with dirt and debris will not run as efficiently. This will only eat up more energy as well.



HVAC preventative maintenance plans are extremely important for your building. They allow you to save money and energy as well as have many impactful activities included. 

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